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Net Carbs vs. Total Carbs: Understanding the Difference

In this guide to net carbs vs. total carbs, you’ll learn what they are and benefits of including carbs in your diet.

How to Improve Your Athletic Performance

Not a pro athlete? Even weekend warriors can use nutrition, training, and recovery to improve athletic performance.

What Is Metabolic Confusion, and Is It Right for You?

The metabolic confusion diet alternates high-calorie and low-calorie days. Keep reading to learn the pros and cons.

How to Reset Your Metabolism for a Healthier Life

Want to know how to reset your metabolism? Keep reading to learn the lifestyle habits that give your metabolism a boost.

Get to Know the Benefits of Circadian Rhythm Fasting

Learn everything you need to know about circadian rhythm fasting and how it can improve your metabolic health.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Intermittent Fasting?

Take a look at these pros and cons of intermittent fasting to help you decide if it’s the right dietary plan for you.

What Is the Best Time to Take Magnesium?

We’ll explain the health benefits, the different types, and if there is a best time to take magnesium during the day.

The Ultimate Guide to Normal Glucose Levels

This guide reviews normal glucose levels as well as how a CGM can help you stay balanced and learn your optimal levels.

What Medications Can Raise Blood Sugar Levels?

There are many factors that affect blood glucose. Keep reading to learn what medications can raise blood sugar levels.

Using a Blood Sugar Chart to Understand Glucose Readings

Comparing your levels to a blood sugar chart will help you understand if they’re normal or not, so you can take action.

A Guide to Optimal Blood Glucose Level for Ketosis

Is there an optimal blood glucose level for ketosis? Keep reading to better understand how to test for ketosis.

What Is Metabolic Health? Understanding Your Body

Optimal metabolic health keeps your body working in harmony. Keep reading to learn if you’re metabolically healthy.

Your Guide to Fasting Blood Sugar Levels

This guide will explain what fasting blood sugar levels are, how to monitor them, and what to do with your readings.

High Blood Sugar at Night: What It Means and What to Do

Your body keeps working while you sleep. We’ll explain what causes high blood sugar at night and how to manage it.

What Are Normal Blood Sugar Levels Throughout the Day?

Maintaining normal blood sugar levels will optimize your metabolism and prevent health issues.

How Alcohol Impacts Your Blood Sugar

“There’s too much blood in my alcohol system.”

6 Tips to Lower Your Blood Sugar Level

For many, lowering blood sugar levels is the key to improving overall health.

The Power of Personalized Nutrition

Humans have long wondered: “what should we eat?” We’re starting to ask “what should I eat?”

How to Be Fit at 100: The Centenarian Olympics

Is there a way to prevent the loss of physical ability and be fit at 100? The Centenarian Olympics could be the answer.

What I Learned From Wearing a Continuous Glucose Monitor as a Non-Diabetic

A month ago, I decided to try wearing a Continuous Glucose Monitor to check my blood glucose levels.

How Healthy Are You? The New Horvath Clock Will Tell You

Scientists developed a new way to measure biological age and finally help us find what really rejuvenates us

Want to Live to 100? Track Your Blood Sugar Level

We know the secrets to longevity. The catch? Many of the things that correlate strongly with longevity can’t be changed.

Can’t Keep the Weight Off? Try a Weekly Monk Fast

A weekly ritual to keep the weight off, stay healthy, promote longevity, and make your life easier.

Why We May All Wear a Continuous Glucose Monitor Soon

Are continuous glucose monitors the next major thing in health optimization and disease prevention?