One app to optimize your health.

Vital lets you access all your health data in one place. Health optimization is now fun and easy. Invite and compete with your friends.

Your data in one place. Understand your metrics and get smarter.

Connect your wearables Vital allows you to access data from all your wearables and health apps. See how everything fits together and understand what matters for you.

Activity Measure your activity. Boost your performance.

Sleep Track and analyze your sleep. Feel more energized.

Heart Rate Monitor your heart rate. Improve your fitness.

Glucose Monitor your glucose levels. Improve your mood.

Connect with others. Compete with friends and grow together.

Challenge your friends Join a fun and healthy community. Learn what works from others like you. Get motivation with challenges and support. Share, connect and grow together.

Walking Measure your movement. Be more active.

Smart Scale Track your weight. Get lean or muscle up.

Glucose Monitor your glucose. Improve your mood.

Blog We share what we learn about optimizing health.

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