Changelog New updates and improvements to Vital.

Mar 20, 2023

Multiple images

Introducing Multiple Images. Now you can post multiple images on the feed to better showcase your health journey. You can select up to 5 images to include in a single post.

This feature allows you to tell more of your story. Our users are sharing before, during and after images of important activities and events. Think sunrises, in-gym pics, music, and more.You can also add captions to each image to give more context.

To post multiple images, simply select them in the post creation screen and arrange them in the order you want them to appear.

Try it out and see how it can add more depth to your posts!

Other improvements

  • Fixes an issue where the For You feed stopped loading after a while of usage
  • Improves the loading time to process the sms authentication code
  • Improves the ease of opening an invite link to the app
  • Fixes an issue where posts couldn't be shared externally from the Profile tab
  • Adds more background images for automatic posts which are generated using AI prompts
  • Adds the dynamic link of a post when shared externally
  • Fixes incorrect streak counts
Mar 13, 2023

Reply to comments

Introducing Reply to Comments. Now you can easily engage with others and keep the conversation going on Vital.

This feature allows you to reply to comments on your posts or on other people's posts. You can add your own thoughts, ask questions, or offer support to other users.

To reply to a comment, simply click on the reply button below the comment and type your message. Your reply will automatically tag the other user under the original comment, making it easy for others to follow the conversation.

This feature is a great way to build community and connect with others who share similar health goals. Try it out and see how it can enhance your Vital experience!

Other improvements

  • Fixes an issue where the count of reactions didn't reflect the total number of reactions made
  • Users can now share the posts of other user's on the feed
  • Adds recording the type of Apple Watch device used to sync data
  • Updates the formatting of time on the feed to be more concise
  • Improves automatic posting criteria to reduce the likelihood of duplicates
  • Improves the "In case you missed it" section on the For You feed to only show posts you haven't already viewed
  • Records the user's latest version for more personalised in-app messages
Mar 6, 2023

New sign in flows

Introducing our new Sign Up and Log In Flows. We’ve made it easier than ever to join the Vital community and start your health journey.

Our new Sign Up and Log In flows guide you through the process of access your account, whether signing up for the first time or logging in again. You can sign up using your phone number and SMS authentication.

These new flows are designed to make the sign up and log in experience more intuitive and user-friendly. Join the Vital community and start your health journey today!

Other improvements

  • Allows unlimited scrolling of posts on the profile tab
  • Allows unlimited scrolling of notifications on the activity tab
  • Updates the criteria to create automatic posts to all workouts greater than or equal to 10 minutes
  • Add dynamic links for specific posts
  • Removes a step in the invite to challenge flow that makes it easier for users to access
  • Fixes pull-to-refresh not working on a user's profile
  • Turns on automatic posts by default for each user upon initial sign-up
Feb 27, 2023

In-App Messaging

Introducing In-App Message Popups. Now you can stay up-to-date with your health milestones and community updates on Vital.

Our in-app message popups will appear on your screen to inform you of your achievements, goals, challenges, and other important updates.

These message popups are designed to keep you informed and engaged with the Vital community. They are non-intrusive and can be dismissed with a single tap.

Keep an eye out for our in-app message popups and stay connected to the community!

Other improvements

  • Allows multiple images to be added to a post on the feed
  • Fixes reaction states on a comment not being shown correctly
  • Fixes a bug where the in-app message directed a user to a white screen
Feb 20, 2023

"For You" feed improvements

Introducing For You feed improvements. Now you can discover more posts on Vital that are tailored to your interests and health goals.

Our "For You "Feed uses analysis of your activity on the app, including the topics you engage with and the users you follow, to deliver a personalised experience.

With our latest update, we’ve made it even easier to find posts that we think we don't want to miss.

Our For You Feed Updates are designed to help you discover new people and ideas, as well as stay motivated on your health journey. Don’t miss out on the latest posts that are tailored to you. Check out our For You Feed and start exploring today!

Other improvements

  • Fixes an issue where the count of reactions didn't reflect the total number of reactions made
  • Users can now share the posts of other user's on the feed
  • Adds recording the type of Apple Watch device used to sync data
  • Updates the formatting of time on the feed to be more concise
Feb 13, 2023

React to Comments

Introducing React to Comments on Posts. Now you can express your thoughts and feelings about other comments on Vital without adding a comment!

This feature allows you to react to comments on posts with a love heart. You can also see the reactions of other users on the same comments, making it easier to engage with the community.

To react to a comment, simply click on the reaction button side the comment. Your reaction will be displayed next to the comment, making it easy for others to see.

This feature is a great way to show your support, share your thoughts, and engage with other users on Vital. Try it out and see how it can enhance your commenting experience!

Other improvements

  • Improves speed at which workouts are synced from Apple Health
  • Allows multiple images to be viewed from the feed
  • Adds in-app messaging system to be triggered internally
  • Improves the smoothness of the feed to not jump when new posts appear
  • Allow multiple images to be added to the create post flow
Feb 6, 2023

Improved Image Design on Feed

Introducing Improved Feed Aesthetics. We’ve made significant improvements to how posts and data cards appear on the feed, making it more aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.

Our latest update includes full-width posts and data cards, giving you a better view of the content and making it easier to engage with the community. We’ve also updated the font and color scheme to make it more modern and visually appealing.

In addition, we’ve introduced new animations and transitions that make the scrolling experience smoother and more enjoyable. You can now swipe through posts and data cards with ease, without any lag or delay.

These improvements are designed to enhance your experience on Vital and make it easier to consume and engage with content. Check out the new look and feel of our feed, and let us know what you think!

Other improvements

  • Fixes an issue where the count of reactions didn't reflect the total number of reactions made
  • Users can now share the posts of other user's on the feed
  • Adds recording the type of Apple Watch device used to sync data
  • Updates the formatting of time on the feed to be more concise
Jan 23, 2023


Introducing FriendFinder. Now there is a dedicated screen to help you connect with other people on Vital. There are three main sections of the page.

  1. Search for existing people on Vital
  2. See recommend people to follow based on your interests, location and activities
  3. Share a link to invite your friends to Vital

You can access the page from the Home feed, Challenges tab and Profile tab.

Unit Preferences

Awaited by many of our community members, now you can change your default unit preferences everywhere on the app. This means you can select whether to see distance in km or miles and weight in lbs, kg and stone.

To customise your preferences, head to the Settings page on the app. From here, you can toggle the settings in the “Unit Preferences” section.

Dec 26, 2022
Vital Wrapped 2022

End of year wrapped

Introducing "Health Wrapped"! This allows you to reflect on your health journey since joining Vital in 2022. By syncing your data from popular health and fitness apps and wearables, Health Wrapped creates a personalized report that highlights your most impressive achievements of the year.

One of the standout features of Health Wrapped is the ability to see your snapshot of your time since joining Vital. You can view things like your most frequent workout types, recovery stats, and craziest workout, and see how these stack up with the rest of the Vital community.

You can easily share your highlights with friends and reflect on your year. We hope it can help you make informed decisions about your goals for 2023.

Create a challenge

Create a challenge

With Custom Challenges, you can create your own personalized challenges and invite your friends to join you achieve the challenge goal. Whether you're looking to improve your sleep, increase your daily step count, or go the distance, Custom Challenges has something for everyone.

To get started, simply select the type of challenge you want to create – options include sleep, steps, distance, time, and calories – and set your goal. Add your own twist to the challenge details and then you can then invite your friends to join the challenge and track your progress together. Custom Challenges makes it easy to stay motivated and on track, with a challenge chat and a leaderboard to keep you motivated.

Proof of Health Streak

Proof of Health Streak

Proof of Health streaks is a new feature that helps you stay accountable to your daily health goals. By completing either 7 hours of sleep or one of your three activity rings each day, you earn your daily streak.

Proof of Health is designed to help you establish healthy habits and maintain them over time. Whether you're trying to get more sleep, increase your activity levels, or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle, Proof of Health has something for everyone.

Other improvements

  • Shows a user’s workout location if permission is granted
  • Fixes an issue where the initial onboarding figure was not dynamic
  • Improves the final touches of the create challenge flow
  • Adds analytics to the create challenge flow
  • Allows users to add a picture when creating a challenge
  • Allows users to create a challenge from the Challenge tab
  • Fixes timezone translation for workouts after midnight
  • Hides the icon that was showing graphs over time
  • Adds compatibility with Apple Health’s latest sleep tracking
  • Improves the create challenge flow to automatically enrol the creator in the challenge
  • Fixes copy when creating a steps challenge
  • Add redis authorisation for challenge progression cloud function
  • Improves the workout time mapping for automatic posting
  • Adds pagination to challenge leaderboards to improve loading times
  • Allows users to follow profiles in bulk
Nov 28, 2022
Report a post

Reporting feature

As our community grows in size, Vital is taking preemptive measures to promote a positive and healthy environment for our users.

Now, you can report a post for being inappropriate, spam or aggressive language. You can also block a user, or report a user for the same reasons listed above.

Vital has internal tools in place to carefully and promptly monitor these reports.

Our community is growing from strength to strength and we’re excited for you to contribute to that.

Other improvements

  • Allows users to set their activity progress goals during onboarding
  • Adds a invite link for specific App Store users based on geographical location
  • Fixes the start time of workouts for automatic posts accounting for the user’s local timezone
  • Improves the gradient slope of background colours when customising cards
  • Adds a default option to follow all recommended contacts based on your interests
  • Adds a reporting mechanism for posts and profiles
  • Adds streaks calculations for proof-of-workout concept
  • Allows for streaks to be calculated using the previous 30 days of available data
  • Adds records for streaks across steps, sleep, calories and workout minutes
  • Adds a new challenge type for workout habit tracking
  • Allows challenges to be created based on specific workout types
  • Adds SDK for improved tracking
Nov 21, 2022
Challenge invite view

Challenge invite view

See what challenges you've been invite to on Vital by checking out the Challenge Tab.

Vital community members are significantly more likely to achieve their challenge goals if they participate alongside friends. We're making it easy to invite and receive invites to challenges to enable shared motivation and accountability.

Check it out today!

Other improvements

  • Adds default images for yoga, swimming, cycling and strength training
  • Adds more gradient colors to fill shareable cards
  • Fixes a bug that caused the app to crash after toggling across different apps
  • Adds a message notifying the user of a challenge invite in the Activity Tab
  • Fixes the time associated with activity rings being shared on the feed
  • Sends a timezone offset on steps and active calories for accurate challenge leaderboards
  • Improves the notification prompt during onboarding
  • Adds a message notifying the user of challenge comments in the Activity Tab
  • Adds more push notification customization options in settings
  • Improves tagging search of users to account for uppercase and lowercase usernames
  • Improves the initial onboarding welcome screen
  • Improves the routing of a challenge comment notification directly to the comment thread
  • Adds forced of steps and calories for Fitbit users to accurate readings
  • Fixes issues calculating the number of comments in a challenge
Nov 14, 2022
Challenge invites

Challenge invites

Now you can invite friends and family to join you in challenges on Vital.

As part of our initial release, there are two ways you can send invite. The first option is to share a url link, which provides instructions to the recipient on how to download Vital and access the relevant challenge. The second option is to invite users on Vital by using the search bar and selecting the user from a list.

We’ve seen that users are more likely to complete their challenge when they do it alongside friends. We have other tools which help users provide encouragement and have fun, including challenge nudges and challenge conversations.

Try it out and see for yourself!

Other improvements

  • Improves the “For You” feed to show featured posts
  • Adds a push notification when a challenge invite is received
  • Improves the frequency and direction of push notifications delivered for comments in a challenge
  • Allows users to customize their preferences for automated posting of activities in the settings section
  • Adds a delete account option in the settings page
  • Adds more interests which users can use to discover other content and people
  • Fixes an issue where the total sleep metric was changing
  • Fixes a bug which shows the user in a list of recommended people to follow for themselves
  • Improves the logic for the count of unread comments in a challenge thread
  • Fixes sleep time difference in app vs Oura records
  • Limits the number of challenge progress notifications to one a day
  • Adds an image which encourages users to update to the latest version of the app due to new data-dynamic posts being pushed live
  • Adds challenge comments and challenge invite push notification customization in the settings page
  • Adds two new devices to the onboarding screen
  • Adds a full page view to see all finished challenges the user has participated in
  • Fixes the HR graph and avg HR values from hiding when a post is opened
  • Limits the number of suggested users to invite to a challenge to 30
  • Improves the sleep and workout graphs to make them timezone aware
  • Adds challenge invites by sharing a link or adding users on the Vital app
Nov 7, 2022

Automatic posting

Workouts and activity ring updates can now be automatically shared on Vital when opted-in to the new feature.

This makes staying accountable and documenting your health journey easier than ever before.

Once an activity is posted, you can add a description and edit the card to personal it to your taste. You’re in complete control of how the post looks.

You can customise your preferences for automatic posting in the settings page.

Other improvements

  • Updates data toggling when customising posts
  • Improves the layout of the challenge tab to show joined, recommended and available challenges
  • Shows the total number of challenges a user can join beside the section header
  • Updates the SMS number requirements to allow for numbers with 6 digits
  • Fixes an issue where workout minute targets in daily rings showed incorrect values
  • Adds new emojis to challenge nudges
  • Improves the formatting of the SMS authorisation name
  • Adds analytics to challenge comments
  • Adds the challenge name in the header of nudge notifications
  • Adds challenge invites to the database
Oct 31, 2022

Challenge conversations

We’ve launched a comment feature in challenges so you can chat with your fellow participants as you work to hit the target.

Challenges on Vital are inherently social. We’ve introduced nudges to allow users to show gestures of encouragement and motivation. Challenge conversations go a step further.

You can tag other user’s directly in the comment thread, ask questions of other participants, and share updates related to the challenge.

Much more functionality is planned, so let us know what you think and what you’d like to see next.

Other improvements

  • Updates card customisation toggles to account for dynamic data displays
  • Adds a push notification for challenge invites
  • Adds more challenge tables to the database
  • Shows a list of users who can be invited to a challenge
  • Adds a push notification for new comments in a challenge
  • Fixes a bug which showed the workout minutes target to be less than the minimum amount
  • Updates the challenge tab with updated formatting and layout, included new sections for challenge goals and joined challenges
  • Improves the challenge progress bar formatting
  • Fixes challenge targets to show the most relevant label
  • Shows the number of days left in a challenge
  • Improves syncing of user permissions for push notifications
  • Adds the ability for users to edit posts
  • Adds in-app messaging functionality using Firebase
Oct 24, 2022

General improvements

  • Improves the app icons to reflect latest non-pixelated designs
  • Hides the x-axis label showing the distribution of workout minutes in the “Health-wrapped” feature
  • Adds automatic posting of activities on the front-end for user’s opted-in to the feature
  • Fixes a prompt to turn on notifications from being shown from being incorrectly shown
  • Improves the formatting of text inputted when creating a post
  • Moves the close icon to the top right of an image when customising posts for improved ease of use
  • Improves the formatting of the challenge full page view
  • Adds a challenge comment table
  • Adds the challenge target to the summary of a challenge
  • Shows a list of users to tag ordered by users you follow
  • Updates the weekly report email schedule to send on a Monday morning
Oct 17, 2022

Notification customisation

Vital keeps you up-to-date with friends joining the community, inviting you to challenges, commenting on your posts, and more.

Naturally, not all of the push notifications that are scheduled may be suited to your own specific preferences. As such, we’ve introduced more customisation which allows you to turn on and off notifications for particular actions in the app.

Go to Profile > Settings > Push Notifications to review and adjust your settings.

There's more coming so stay tuned!

Other improvements

  • Improves the HR graph to show data for a given 24-hour period rather than the trailing 24 hours
  • Improves the formatting of workout durations to hours and minutes rather than only minutes
  • Fixes the order of visible reactions only updating when out of the user’s view
  • Fixes the “Health-wrapped” feature not being triggered for existing users
  • Improves the color customization of cards by moving the color adjustments to a slider
  • Fixes user properties accuracy issues
  • Improves the error message when a phone number is added incorrectly with sms verification
  • Improves the list of users suggested to tag in a post or comment to be sorted by those the user is following
  • Fixes the allocation of buckets for the “Health-wrapped” feature
  • Adds a daily rings log in the database
Oct 10, 2022
Data review

Vital data review

We’re introducing a new feature that shows you an overview of a selection of stats over the past 30 days and how that compares to other members of the Vital community.

Ever wondered if your sleep is below, above or on par with other people similar to you? Now you can. We’re initially rolling out this feature during your initial sign-up. Based on your findings, you can ask other Vital community members for tips on how they’ve improved their metrics, or offer you own experience to others.

This has been a feature requested by lots of you. In the future, we’ll enable data comparisons in the main app, with greater flexibility.

We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Other improvements

  • Fixes duplicate syncs of Apple Health records
  • Adds parent source for sleep data records
  • Adds long press to view users who reacted to a post
  • Fixes notification prompt user flow
  • Adds a view of the full page of a profile from the community leaderboard
  • Improves the formatting of the reactions emoji
  • Updates RHR values when new data is synced from Apple Health
  • Fixes the “Health-Wrapped” formatting on smaller devices
  • Fixes empty data values from appearing on activity cards
  • Adds walking and swimming challenges
  • Adds a field to link posts with activities
  • Improves the buckets to compare workout minutes completed across the community
  • Fixes Fitbit sleep sync error if data is not available
  • Improves challenge nudge push notification messages
  • Fixes error when RHR is missing from Fitbit data sync
  • Adds Amazfit Watch to data syncing on the Health tab
  • Adds Fitbit in smart pulling of HR data
Oct 3, 2022
Multiple reactions

Multiple reactions

We're introducing a new way of reacting to posts to allow the community to communicate in a more fun and meaningful way. Oftentimes, different types of posts warrant different types of responses, and maybe limiting a response to one emoji also isn't enough.

Now, we have a series of one-click emojis to react to, no matter the situation. Your buddy put in a hard workout? 🫡. Learnt something new? 💡. Celebrating the achievement of a goal? 🏆

Whatever it is, you'll find it on Vital.

Other improvements

  • Adds notification setting customisation across different notification types
  • Adds default graphics and gradient images for data sharing customisation
  • Fixes empty data values appearing by default when customising a card
  • Improves product analytics during onboarding
  • Improves the design of the active state for reactions for better visibility
  • Shows the user’s first and last name on profile header page
  • Fixes the feed scrolling unexpectedly when moving to the second page of pagination
  • Adds a default profile picture if the user declines permission to images
  • Introduces a Spotify-wrapped style summary of health data at the end of onboarding
  • Improves data source identification
  • Adds new monthly challenges for cycling and tennis activities
  • Shows HR ranges for sleep cards accounting for no time in bed
  • Updates Fitbit profile’s timezones on a recurring basis
  • Improves the copy for challenge progress notifications
  • Improves the frequency of notifications sent per post
  • Fixes steps not appearing on the activity progress rings
Sep 19, 2022

Friend finder

Here at Vital we believe improving your health is more fun when done with others. Now, you can connect with friends and community members who share your interests with our all new end-to-end friend finder.

When first signing up to Vital, you are prompted to share your address book, set up your profile using your Twitter account, and add your interests. All of this information, privately and securely stored, is used to recommend others to follow who are most relevant to you.

This includes friends and Twitter connections already on Vital, as well as others who are interested in the same topics as you. For example, interested in Zone 2 training? Find others also exploring this area, see what they’re up to, and share your health journey together.

Other improvements

  • Fixes page destination for notifications related to challenges
  • Improves the formatting of data sources on the Health tab
  • Adds logs of users who receive nudges in challenges
  • Adds a list of interests of users who are recommended to follow during onboarding
  • Hides null or empty values on sharing cards by default
  • Shows an empty calendar in sleep challenges whose start date is after the current date
  • Adds extreme weekly challenges
  • Fixes duplicate notifications being sent at a time
  • Improves the detection of duplicate workouts across different data sources
  • Completes a clean migration of data for all users connected to Fitbit
  • Fixes the Profile API returning incorrect user interests
  • Removes unwanted characters from phone before saving phone contacts
  • Adds backfilling of data for Fitbit users when the device is integrated
  • Removes summary cards logic that is no longer live
  • Adds a scenario to display reactions when the total is 0
  • Shows the calendar for daily progress in challenges when there are no values
Sep 12, 2022


  • Removes blurring functionality when customizing cards
  • Adds a new nudge type to challenge nudging
  • Improves the formatting on challenge cards for consistent sizing
  • Adds a card during onboarding to allow users to customize their notification preferences
  • Improves the formatting on the “connect devices” screen by fitting all text on one line
  • Updates the Fitbit authorization to send the token authorization dynamically
  • Improves the token refresh lifespan for Fitbit to reduce errors in syncing
  • Adds Fitbit to smart filtering
  • Updates mapping names for Fitbit workouts
  • Deletes Fitbit subscriptions when a users Fitbit integration is removed
Sep 5, 2022
Challenge nudges

Challenge nudges

We've introduced a new feature as part of community challenges that we call nudges. On the challenge leaderboard, you can "nudge" another participant using one of the available emojis. If they're doing mind-blowingly well, maybe send a 🤯. If they're a little behind their target, you can send a 🐢. Nudges are designed to encourage, motivate and have fun with one another.

Other improvements

  • Adds September monthly challenges
  • Adds a new nudge for users to send to others in challenges
  • Improves the ordering of leaderboards in daily target challenges
  • Shows the full challenge leaderboard before a challenge has commenced
  • Adds analytics for challenge nudges
Aug 29, 2022
Daily leaderboard

Community leaderboard

We’ve introduced a new leaderboard to the Vital app that shows the top performers across key metrics.

We’ve started with workout minutes, steps, and active calories, and show the highest performers for that day. Those who finish in the top 10 receive badges which are shown on their profiles.

The purpose of the leaderboard is to help community members cheer each other on, get familiar with different folks in the community, and foster an environment of encouragement.

Other improvements

  • Adds and verifies subscriptions for Fitbit integration
  • Adds tables for users to control metric preferences
  • Syncs sleep data from Fitbit
  • Adds timezone offset for workouts from Fitbit for accurate timestamps
  • Creates calculations to show how a new user’s stats compare to the Vital community
  • Improves product analytic tracking during onboarding
  • Fixes lb metrics being shown in kg on the Health tab
  • Adds an explainer when a user visits the Feed for the first time
  • Adds an explainer to the Health tab when a user it for the first time
  • Fixes the flow to open the Canny board where users can log feature requests
Aug 22, 2022
Connect to Fitbit

Fitbit integration

We’re introducing a Fitbit integration so you can see your Fitbit data on Vital.

This has been a big request from users, particularly given Fitbit doesn’t have a direct integration with Apple Health, so data streams have historically been siloed.

You can connect your Fitbit account during onboarding or by going to Settings > Devices.

Other improvements

  • Syncs active calorie data from Fitbit
  • Syncs step data from Fitbit
  • Integrates HR data from Fitbit
  • Adds weekly community challenges
  • Syncs weight data from Fitbit
  • Removes created_on timestamps being posts on the FE for comments and posts
  • Improves the formatting for resending SMS messages during the SMS verification flow
  • Fixes the data sharing card flow from not closing when a post has been created
  • Adds Fitbit to the connect devices onboarding screen for users to sync their Fitbit data
  • Adds Fitbit to the settings tab for users
Aug 15, 2022


  • Fixes issues where users can’t progress past the connect devices screen
  • Adds tests to monitor sent nudges and related notifications
  • Adds reactions to the database to cater to multiple reactions
  • Improves workout mapping for cycling workouts on Garmin
  • Autofocuses the input when selecting from a list of global SMS numbers
  • Improves the flow for SMS verification by automatically moving to the next screen when the input is added
Aug 8, 2022
My ideas

Your ideas

At Vital, we're always on the lookout to understand what we can do to improve things for you. To make it easier for you to raise your voice, we've added our feature request and public product roadmap to the main app.

Simply select "My ideas" in the Feed and Health tabs to see and vote on feature requests made by the community. Add your own requests if you don't see them there.

You can also stay up-to-date with the status of your requests with email updates. We can't wait to continue co-building the Vital app alongside you.


  • Adds timezone syncing of workouts for global leaderboard calculations
  • Fixes a challenge appearing in the “joined challenges” section after joining it
  • Hides the “who to follow” section on the Feed if there is no one recommended to follow
  • Allows users to add feature requests in-app by selecting the “My Ideas” button in the Feed and Health tabs
  • Fixes certain notification messages not appearing correctly in the Notifications tab
  • Improves weight formatting to show one decimal place
  • Improves the tagging feature to not tag a user if there is text before the “@” symbol
  • Adds golden testing for current challenge widgets
  • Add weight synchronization on the FE
  • Adds FriendFinder queries for Twitter connections and users with mutual interests
  • Adds challenge nudge notifications
  • Fixes workout mapping types across different devices
  • Fixes inaccurate RHR values being shown on the Health tab
  • Fixes aggregate activity data for Garmin and Apple Watch to account for device switching
  • Adds Canny authorization for existing users
  • Adds HRV4Training to smart filtering to show data on the Health tab
Aug 1, 2022
Latest measurements

Latest measurements

The health tab is being revamped to provide a better understanding of your most recent data, baseline metrics, and important trends over time.

To begin, we’ve introduced a new view that shows your latest measurements across a selection of metrics. These include HRV, Resting HR, sleep, and weight. The data source and time of measurement show where and when these measurements were recorded.

Expect more views and trends coming soon.

Other improvements

  • Adds matches to other users who share similar interests to you
  • Improves loading times of select metrics
  • Allows more characters to be used for account names
  • Shows the latest weight measurement on the Health tab
  • Improves the Health tab by removing duplicate metrics
  • Allows users to grant access to their contacts for improved friend recommendations
  • Fixes challenge progress notifications to route to the correct challenge page
  • Improves sleep syncing to reduce missed records
  • Improves RHR syncing to reduce missed records
Jul 25, 2022
Find your friends

Access to contacts

Vital is more fun with friends. Now, you can find your friends already on Vital by connecting your contact list. Furthermore, you can also invite friends to join you on Vital to improve your health together.

Enable access to your contacts during the initial onboarding so you can connect with friends and help find people to follow.

Other improvements

  • Adds integration tests for login and automation
  • Improves the formatting for direct comments on the feed
  • Adds the default values for customizing goals in the settings tab
  • Improves the UI of the “follow others” screen during onboarding
  • Adds more interest tags to user profiles
  • Adds latest measurement metrics, timestamps, and sources for metrics in the Health tab
  • Adds a feature toggle to the backend for improved testing
  • Creates new weekly challenges for the community
Jul 18, 2022
SMS verification

SMS verification

Account management on Vital just got a whole lot easier with SMS authentication for sign in.

No need to remember email and password credentials or go through the effort required to input them. We’ve shifted to SMS authentication for both new and existing users, meaning a more seamless experience for all.

Other improvements

  • Fixes the progress calendar on challenges with daily targets
  • Improves the display of activity rings on the Health tab
  • Removes duplicate HR graphs appearing on a sleep performance card when two devices are worn
  • Fixes incorrect sleep efficiency scores being presented on sleep performance reports
  • Updates daily sync to be asynchronous for larger windows
  • Improves naming consistency of devices in the Health tab
  • Improve some copy across the app
Jul 11, 2022
Interests on profile

User interests

Starting today, Vital allows users to select and display their primary health interests.

The main purpose of this feature is to help users connect with other Vital members who share similar interests to them. This means better recommendations on who to follow, leading to more meaningful interactions and connections.

You can select your main interests during the initial onboarding, and these can always be adjusted later on your profile page.

These interests are shown on your profile, meaning others can see what you’re interested in, and vice versa.

In the future, more content and challenges will be recommended based on these interests.

Other improvements

  • Adds the ability to edit your daily activity goal targets in the settings tab
  • Fixes text misalignment when creating a post
  • Changes the copy used for sharing updates
  • Improves the size of the comment input on the Feed by making it smaller
  • Shows only finished challenges the user has participated in the Challenge tab
  • Improves the font formatting for links and mentions
  • Improves the UX for card customization
  • Fixes a formatting issue on the join challenges screen during onboarding
  • Adds interests to onboarding for users to connect with others of similar interests
  • Shows a user’s selected interests on their profile
  • Adds weight metrics from Apple Health
  • Improves the query to see challenges for improved performance
  • Improves the naming conventions for workout types across different devices
  • Allows users to see feeds of users they do not follow
Jul 4, 2022
Challenges with daily targets

Daily target challenges

We have introduced a new challenge format with daily targets to hit for the duration of the challenge. For example, our first challenge is focused on achieving consistent sleep for 7 days, with a daily target to sleep for at least 7 hours each day throughout the challenge.

Upon opening the app each day, you can see whether you achieved your goal or not, viewable in the progress section of the challenge page.

As with other challenges, you can see how other participants in the challenge are progressing. Learn from others, ask questions and start discussions with the group by tagging other users in posts. Encourage and motivate one another as each person works towards the challenge goal.

Give it a try! Challenges are commonly referred to as one of the best ways to stay accountable to one’s goals in a fun and approachable way. We’ve more coming when it comes to making challenges something community members can connect over.

Other improvements

  • Improves the formatting of the bottom card when adding a comment to a post
  • Fixes the possibility of adding the same username with or without caps
  • Shows the full username of a tagged user in a comment or post regardless of the text input used
  • Allows accents to be added to all main user account fields in the app
  • Shows the latest date and time when an activity card is shared
  • Shows the city and country of a user from when a post is shared
  • Adds monthly challenges for the month of July
  • Adds a sleep challenge with a 7-day daily target
  • Shows 30 days of previous Garmin data when a device is first synced
  • Adds daily goals for a profile on the BE
  • Adds phone numbers to users on the BE
  • Adds Eight Sleep to smart filtering for sleep metrics
Jun 27, 2022

Activity ring sharing

Vital is all about documenting your health journey with friends. One of the main benefits of this practice is the accountability it provides.

Now we’re adding sharing functionality to our daily activity rings. This allows you to share your daily activity ring scores at the end of the day, stimulate conversations, and take further accountability in your day-to-day life.

Other improvements

  • Improves the loading of data on the Health tab
  • Fixes formatting in the comment flow
  • Improves commenting directly on the Home feed
  • Fixes certain emojis not appearing as expected
  • Adds the Garmin integration during onboarding
  • Updates the default sharing card size to be “square”
  • Fixes the padding on the comment card
  • Adds a profile image input during onboarding for profile creation
  • Adds sharing for activity rings
  • Updates copy from “exercise mins” to “workout mins”
  • Adds an interest table to the backend
Jun 20, 2022
Invite friends

Invite your friends

Now we’ve made it a lot easier for you to invite your friends to the Vital app.

It goes without saying that sharing your health journey is a lot more fun and fulfilling with friends. Now you can invite your friends via any of your preferred channels by simply clicking an icon on the Home feed. This will prompt you to share your unique link through any relevant channels you have on your phone.

This is just a start, and we’ll be introducing more seamless ways to invite your friends shortly.

Other improvements

  • Adds tagging other users in comments
  • Adds a sync of birthdates to generate heart rate zones
  • Fixes text input not working as expected when creating a post
  • Improves challenge notifications to route to the general challenge page
  • Adds accented characters to regex during onboarding
  • Improves button formatting for lists
  • Allows users to invite friends using a unique link
  • Adds tracking for the invite
  • Improves the sharing flow to reduce errors when creating a post
  • Adds a notification when someone tags you in a post
  • Sends beta user information to Airtable via our API
Jun 13, 2022
Tagging other users

Tagging other users in posts

Tagging other users in posts from anywhere in the app has arrived to Vital. This is especially useful for when you want to notify other people of specific questions or discussion items that might be particularly relevant to them. Each one of us has our own particular areas of interest, expertise and unique insights. Tagging allows for more seamless conversations and engagement to happen on Vital.

In addition, tagging in comments will be released in the coming days, again to foster deeper conversations.

When inputting text, press “@”, begin typing the name of the user you want to tag, and a list of users that fit your criteria will appear. Once you have found the user you are looking for, simply select that user, and away you go.

Other improvements

  • Improves technical elements of the Garmin integration
  • Shows the list of people who reacted to a post even if you are not following them
  • Creates group tables on the backend
  • Adds new challenges for the month of June
Jun 6, 2022


  • Improves technical elements of the Garmin integration
  • Shows the list of people who reacted to a post even if you are not following them
  • Creates group tables on the backend
  • Adds new challenges for the month of June
  • Fixes a bug that caused a white screen to appear when opening the app
  • Adds more user properties to product analytics
  • Improves how URL links can be opened within the app from posts and comments
  • Improves the sleep sync logic for improved accuracy
  • Adds a device connection screen accessible from the settings tab
  • Improves the labels of exercise and sleep durations for null values
  • Hides the list of users when a user profile is selected from that list
  • Adds network calls and repro logs to Instabug
  • Shows “Lowest HR” during a night’s sleep instead of “Resting HR
  • Improves the smoothness and speed of the pull to refresh
May 30, 2022

Dual feed

We’ve added a “for you” tab on the Home feed which highlights posts we believe will be of interest to you. You can learn, connect and get inspired by others, who might be experts in their field, have similar goals to you, or have other commonalities that make their content interesting.

By default, the “For You” tab will be shown. Press the “Following” tab to show a feed dedicated solely to those you are following.

The more you engage with Vital, the more likely this content will resonate with you. Let us know what you think!

Other improvements

  • Adds data to calculate HR zones
  • Adds improved analytics to the app
  • Fixes a crash which occurred after sharing a workout
  • Fixes a bug which showed a grey screen after joining a challenge
  • Adds new challenges to the app
May 23, 2022

Performance improvements

With our recent introduction of a wide suite of features (including improved interactions, challenges and sharing), we’ve released some updates to improve the overall performance and feel of the app. Your feedback has been awesome, and we’ve made improvements to reduce loading times, increase “smoothness” on the feed, and foster that feeling of delight.

As always, more to come!

Other improvements

  • Adds scroll to top of the feed when touching the top of the screen
  • Improves the copy used for notifications
  • Hides the “who to follow” list if all users are followed
  • Updates the personalization of users to follow during onboarding
  • Improves the formatting on sleep efficiency scores
  • Adds a “For You” feed based on community topics
  • Adds more detailed product analytics to the app
May 16, 2022
Control your devices in the settings page

Direct Garmin integration

Starting today, Vital lets you directly connect your Garmin device to your Vital account.

Vital is building a full suite of integrations with your favorite wearable devices and apps. We’ve added another direct integration to our list of data sources with this Garmin integration.

To connect your Garmin device, go to Settings > Devices > Garmin. Upon selecting the toggle, you will be redirected to Garmin’s website where you will be prompted to login using your Garmin credentials. Once complete, you will be redirected back to the Vital app, and data will now be automatically synced from your Garmin device.

This means your Garmin workouts, sleep and other metrics will be readily available in the Vital app. Track, analyze and share your Garmin data.

We’ll be continuing to add more direct integrations over the coming weeks and months. You can let us know which other integrations you would like to see at our public roadmap here.

Other improvements

  • Allows the user to see the most recent comments on a post when commenting themselves
  • Fixes a bug that slowed loading times on challenge pages
  • Adds auto refresh to each tab on the app for more up-to-date data
  • Adds commenting to posts directly on the feed
  • Adds daily activity rings on the Health tab
  • Improves the cache on each page
  • Improves the edit option on external sharing for easier access when typing
  • Allows users to delete their own posts
May 9, 2022
Daily rings

Daily rings

We introduced rings to help you track and stay accountable to your daily goals. There’s something so powerful about wanting to close each of those rings every single day!

To begin, our rings show your stats across three metrics: sleep, active calories and steps. You’re in complete control over what goals you want to set, or you can take our recommendation to start with.

The fun part is rings are now accessible to everyone, no matter what wearable or app you and your friends use. This makes things like tracking and sharing more accessible to more people.

Vital aims to facilitate positive behavior change to improve everyone’s health - we hope this is another step moving us in this direction.

Other improvements

  • Shows workout data in the Health tab for all data sources on Apple Health
  • Fixes a bug where health summary cards were not updating correctly
  • Improves commenting by allowing users to jump to new lines
  • Improves the copy for new follower notifications
  • Fixes posts loading slowly on profile pages
  • Improves the formatting on the post creation page
  • Shows an in-app form to raise issues and ask questions in the settings page
May 2, 2022
Create posts

Create a post from anywhere in the app

I want to be able to post photos without requiring data from activities logged in my Health tab from my connected wearables and apps

Now you can create a post from anywhere in the Vital app. Simply select the black ‘+’ icon found on the bottom right of each screen to share what’s on your mind.

To begin with, you can add text, an image or both. You can create posts to pose questions to the Vital community, share progress toward your goals, and shoutout your friends.

There is much more coming when it comes to sharing. Stay tuned!

Other improvements

  • Adds Instabug for users to ask questions and raise issues by shaking their phone
  • Shows more challenges on the challenge page
  • Improves the comparison icons for key metrics to be more visible
  • Shows a limit of 2 lines of a user’s bio on the recommend follow list
  • Improves the profile bio to allow multiline descriptions
  • Shows all text of a bio in the profile settings page
  • Fixes formatting for comparison metrics in the Health tab
  • Improves the speed of transition to view a post from the feed
  • Fixes loading times on the Challenge tab
  • Shows a maximum of 3 metrics when sharing a sleep card to better visibility
  • Adds new monthly and weekly challenges for the month of May
Apr 25, 2022

Show your personality with user profiles

We’ve improved a core part of the Vital experience: the profile page.

To help users find and connect with one another, we’re helping users show off their personality, interests, and style in their own way. Now, users can more easily bond over areas of mutual interest.

This is done in a number of ways, including showing links to other social media accounts (including Twitter, Instagram, and Strava), larger profile images, opting to share one’s current location, more flexible profile bios, and a list of current interests.

Other improvements

  • Adds more available data sources from Apple Health
  • Fixes an issue with loading on the Health tab
  • Adds the ability for users to delete a post
  • Adds the join date of a user on their profile
  • Shows a user’s linked Twitter account on their profile
  • Improves a profile description to be multiline
Apr 18, 2022

Customized posts on Vital

Vital’s activity card customization is fun and seamless to do: add a background image, drag to adjust the color and filter, show and hide what you like.

Previously, this was only available when sharing externally, but now we’ve rolled out this feature to posts on the Vital feed as well.

For example, kick off your day by reviewing your sleep data, and share a custom message with your friends to start the day on the front foot.

You can choose to add a description to share more.

This continues to build the infrastructure for creating a broader range of post types coming soon.

Other improvements

  • Improves the workout graph cards for greater visibility
  • Shows the data source for sleep metrics in the daily log
  • Shows the data source for heart metrics in the daily log
  • Changes the save button to the top header for customizing cards
  • Adds a sync device field for all metrics
  • Adds an infinite load to the Health tab to show all activities over time
  • Improves the Testflight copy for beta users
  • Fixes an issue with image upload for updating a profile picture
  • Improves the back button icon across the app
  • Shows a maximum of 3 metrics when customizing a workout card
  • Adds the ability for users to add their own profile pictures (not just pixelated characters)
  • Improves the formatting of numbers in the thousands in the Health tab
  • Increases the syncing window for sleep metrics for greater accuracy
  • Fixes graphs not showing on the create post flow
  • Adds a grey separator line between posts on the Home feed
  • Fixes an issue with scrolling on new joiners profiles
  • Fixes the formatting of the progress bar on challenge full page views
  • Updates the welcome email sequence to have shorter intervals
  • Improves the quality of challenge images
Apr 11, 2022
Twitter profile import

Twitter import

We’ve made it a whole lot easier to set up your profile on Vital: import from Twitter.

During initial sign-up, opt-in to connect your Twitter account with Vital. With just a touch of a button, by default you have your Twitter username, profile image and description added to your profile on Vital. From here, you’re able to make any adjustments you (tip: to get your favorite username before it’s too late!).

Smooth, simple and fast. Just how we like it.

Other improvements

  • Improves the design of suggested challenges to join
  • Adds images to full page views describing challenges
  • Improves the design of completed challenges in the challenge tab
  • Fixes the red dot highlighting notifications in the bottom navigation
  • Improves the color of the red dot notifications highlighter
  • Fixes the labelling of calories for greater accuracy
  • Adds titles to the Health page for improved clarity
  • Improves the syncing window to avoid missing records
  • Fixes the workout start time when customizing data cards
  • Adds the ability for users to visit other user profiles from a challenge leaderboard
  • Adds the workout start date and time on customizable sharing cards
  • Shows all text on a comment input in the home feed
  • Adds a redirect from challenge notifications to the appropriate challenge page
  • Shows the background color of the app as white
  • Improves the grouping of data sent to graphs for improved data visibility
  • Adds notifications highlighting updates pertaining to challenges
  • Adds a twitter profile field
  • Improves the order of suggested profiles to follow during initial signup
Apr 4, 2022

Recommended friends and challenges

We now make it easier to find your friends on Vital, meaning you can start connecting with them right when you set up your profile.

On top of that, we’re also surfacing challenges on Vital which we think will resonate with your interests and goals.

After connecting your health data and setting up your profile, you’ll be shown suggested friends to connect with and recommended challenges to join. You can select multiple options at a time or simply press “maybe later” to return at a later time.

Other improvements

  • Adds a prompt at the end of onboarding to follow your friends on Vital
  • Adds a prompt at the end of onboarding to join recommended challenges
  • Shows the health tab after an activity card is shared externally
  • Improves the workout graph design aesthetic
  • Improves the labels for custom cards for greater consistency
  • Fixes the syncing of HR graphs in the Health tab
  • Improves the copy on the profile section of onboarding
  • Fixes the user login being remembered over time
  • Fixes a bug which prevented HR ranges being shown for the full period
  • Improves the list of finished challenges to show a max of 3 with an accompanying full page view
  • Fixes the auto-focus for the text input on the username screen during onboarding
  • Fixes the time-period labels for the HR graph in the Health page
  • Fixes cache issues which prevents the red dot notification from disappearing
  • Fixes the recommended challenges to join carousel
Mar 28, 2022
Card customization

Improved card customization

Vital now supports more customization when it comes to sharing your health data and activities with others.

When pressing “Share” in the Health tab on any shareable component, you can opt-in to customize your card. This includes workouts, heart and sleep reports.

If you upload an image, you can adjust both brightness and blur by simply dragging using your finger. Touch and drag across the image to alter their levels, pushing out to the furthest corners for the highest strength.

Images by default show a number of core metrics associated with the card type. You’re in complete control. You can select what metrics you want to show or hide depending on the context and your intended audience.

Tell your story in your own way.

Other improvements

  • Shows "Avg HR" for sleep performance cards instead of RHR
  • Shows “-” instead of 0 for null metrics in the Health tab
  • Improves the workout labels in the Health tab
  • Improves the labels and formatting of challenges
  • Adds new visuals to improve the onboarding experience
  • Improves notification messages to have more personality
  • Replaces missing values for RHR temporarily until the measure is taken
  • Fixes the previous 7 days comparison for total sleep duration
  • Adds a new welcome email sequence for new joiners
  • Adds images to each challenge for improved aesthetics
Mar 21, 2022

Welcome email sequence

Once you create your Vital account, you are given the option to opt-in to receive occasional emails from the Vital team. There are a number of reasons for these emails, which have been designed to both give you insights into your health, share guidance on how to make the most of the app’s features, and provide updates on all the new features coming your way.

We’ve designed these emails to hit your inbox throughout your first week of joining Vital. From our early adopters, we’ve noticed some commonalities with how they use the app to drive improved health outcomes. We share with you their actions to see if they resonate with you.

At Vital, we’re intent about building alongside our initial user base to create a truly game changing product. Our user’s feedback shapes what we build and our emails help you share your voice in an easy way.

Lastly, our line of communication is always open. Reach out to the team at any time.

Other improvements

  • Improves the copy of labels on the Me Feed for more clarity and delight
  • Shows finished challenges from newest to oldest
  • Adds haptic feedback to key actions in the app
  • Shows rolling 24 hours of HR data
  • Improves the copy and images used for connecting your health data in onboarding
  • Fixes the distance between the notification icon in the bottom tab
  • Fixes a bug which hide the leaderboard in challenges
  • Improves navigation to scroll to the top of each page upon double-click in the app
Mar 14, 2022
External Sharing

External sharing on Twitter

We’re making sharing your recent activities and health stats easier and more beautiful than ever before.

No more clunky screenshots. Your family, friends and social media following are in for a treat with brand new external sharing on Vital.

Now you can share your stats on Vital on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, as well as other channels of your preference.

You can do so from the Health Tab by select the sharing icon on any chart in the daily log.

You’re in complete control as to what you want to show. Add an image as a background to the graphic which represents the story you want to tell. Show and hide metrics, charts and titles by using the toggles at the bottom of the screen.

We’re seeing lots of different use cases. Users are sharing pictures of them presenting to colleagues with their heart rate overlaid, beautiful sunsets seen during evening walks, and metallic dumbbells sitting in a weight room.

Find out how you’d best like to do it by playing around yourself on Vital.

Stay tuned for even more customization coming soon.

Other improvements

  • Improves the reactions and comments UI on posts on the feed
  • Improves the look of the notifications icon on the bottom tab
  • Improves empty state messaging if a user isn’t connected with other accounts
  • Hides weight and height requirements from the initial onboarding
  • Shows an empty state message if a user has no activity notifications
  • Shows a link to the Privacy Policy in the settings page
  • Shows a link to support in the settings page
  • Shows a link to the Terms & Conditions in the settings page
  • Fixes the count of followed profiles when following new users
  • Shows average heart rate for selected non-cardio workouts in the personal dashboard
  • Removes all prompts of unread notifications once the user leaves the notifications tab
  • Fixes the active challenges section to only show relevant challenges for the user
  • Fixes syncing of latest resting heart rate metrics in the personal feed
Mar 7, 2022
User profiles

New and improved profiles

We’ve taken user profiles to another level. Now you can learn more about other users on Vital by visiting their profile page and having a browse.

Users can connect their Twitter and Instagram accounts so you can connect across social networks.  You can see what challenges a user is actively participating, and what’s more, decide to tag along and join them in taking on that challenge.

All public posts shared by that user are also accessible on their profile page, so you can learn more about their activity, and see if you can apply any of their protocols to better yourself. Even better, you can connect with them and start up a conversation yourself.

See a users list of people they are following, as well as those who are following them, to get more inspiration of other accounts you would like to connect with as you go on your health optimization journey.

Social health, it’s the Vital way.

Other improvements

  • Improves the challenge view to be full page with the leaderboard easily viewable
  • Shows active and joined challenges in the challenges tab
  • Shows a record of all completed community challenges in the challenges tab
  • Updates the icons and style of the footer
  • Shows the number of notifications outstanding on a given tab
  • Fixes the conditional formatting on the personal health dashboard
  • Changes the social feed to display full width views
  • Fixes a bug which incorrectly showed workouts in the personal dashboard
  • Allows users to navigate back to the parent tab when selecting that icon
  • Changes copy for main titles in the app
  • Improves personal dashboard loading timing
  • Adds comment information to notification records from the backend
  • Adds reaction information to notification records from the backend
Feb 28, 2022
Daily health log

Your daily health log

Your daily health log lets you see all your recent activities in one place. It’s a simple and fast way to see how you have most recently been performing across the areas of your health you care most about.

The feed is sorted from newest to oldest and the report is continuously updated each day depending on your activity levels.

A typical use case will be to check your daily report in the morning. Here you will understand your sleep performance for the night before, as well as your latest heart report showing stats like your Resting HR, HRV, and heart rate during the day. If you’ve just crushed a morning workout, your stats will also be on show.

You can see where this data is coming from if you use multiple wearables and apps.

All your data conveniently in one place.

Other improvements

  • Updates nav bar with new icons
  • Shows the challenges a user is currently competing in on their profile page
  • Allows users to share the title of their activity on the social feed
  • Improves the refresh of data on the personal data feed
  • Changes the settings page to be accessed from the user profile page
  • Fixes sync of extended workouts
  • Fixes the sleep calculation from previous nights
  • Fixes infinite load for users with no previous posts
  • Fixes the background color for reactions
  • Improves UI for reacting to posts on the social feed
  • Improves labeling and conditional formatting on summary cards
  • Shows if a user follows you when on their profile page
  • Shows the number of reactions to a post
  • Updates icons for reactions on the social feed
  • Adds Apple Watch filter from data sources
  • Improves the calculation for sleep stats
  • Shows HR ranges for sleep stats
  • Adds parent source to all existing workouts
Feb 21, 2022
"How am I doing right now?"

A single-view of your health

We’re introducing a new single-view dashboard of the primary health and activity metrics you care most about.

Now at any time of the day, you can answer the all-important question, “How am I doing right now?”

This snapshot provides a springboard for you to take action, whether that’s to get out and move a bit more, focus on a protocol to recover or relax, or simply feel more confident that you’re in touch with your mind and body.

These metrics are being pulled from a number of different apps and wearable devices connected to Apple Health, with more sources being added.

The default metrics for users to view relate to sleep, exercise (active calories, exercise minutes, steps) and heart (resting heart rate and HRV) stats.

Stay tuned for more customization coming soon.

Other improvements

  • Shows list of public posts by a user on their profile page
  • Shows a new challenge tab accessible from the bottom footer
  • Creates sync for active energy burned from Apple Health
  • Creates sync for daily steps from Apple Health
  • Updates heart rate sync from Apple Health
  • Changes activity and heart rate data to continuous updates
  • Allows users to directly access the related page a notification describes
  • Fixes overflow issues with comment icon on social feed
  • Improves profile/post loading times
  • Fixes Apple Health data to not send 0 values
  • Fixes vibrations at the bottom of the social feed
  • Fixes lag when opening posts on the social feed
Feb 14, 2022

Welcoming improved reactions and comments

We’re introducing a well-designed comment and reaction system so you can receive support from peers and help you express yourself with other members of the Vital community.

There are a selection of reactions you can use to support, encourage and motivate your friends, filled with lots of character and personality. Add another dimension to your interactions with friends by sharing words of wisdom or good intentioned banter when they need it most.

As you share your health and fitness story with others, you’ll also be on the receiving end of this positive-sum exchange. See who reacts to your post, get an additional pep-in-your-step to get and maintain your motivation, and return the favor with others.

It’s social fitness made fun.

Other improvements

  • Shows a list of users who have reacted to a post
  • Shows a users complete record of notifications in the activity tab
  • Creates manual refresh swipes on the notification and social feed
  • Creates continuous data streams for sleep data to show real-time graphs
  • Fixes automatic logout issues
  • Updates to latest version of Flutter
  • Fixes text alignment on the social feed
  • Creates a new comment icon to encourage post discussions
  • Improves image quality for higher resolution icons
Feb 7, 2022
Comments on your post

Notifications have arrived

Now, Vital sends you notifications every time someone follows your account, reacts or comments on your post. Feel the positive energy from the Vital community as you share your updates on the social feed. You can expect lots of 🔥’s, insights, and words of encouragement.

You can fine-tune your notification preferences in settings by navigating to your profile. We’re all about fitting things around your preferences, so customize their settings to ensure notifications work for you.

When you do receive a notification, you can jump right into the relevant page on the app, and pick up the thread from there. It’s social made easy.

Other improvements

  • Improves comment inputs for a smoother commenting experience
  • Creates a new sleep graph showing sleep cycle times over certain time periods
  • Shows the comments and details of a post on the social feed
  • Creates the ability to comment on a post
  • Creates secure storage after first unlock to keep users optionally signed in
  • Improves input rules in sign up, sign in and password areas to reduce errors
  • Fixes the pod configuration
  • Fixes Apple provisioning settings
  • Fixes GoogleUtilities Podfile usage
Jan 31, 2022

Introducing sleep

We’re introducing sleep in Vital to give you a better understanding of one of the most crucial aspects of your health (and some say the most important and it’s “not even close”).

At the touch of a button, use the sleep feature in the Vital app to understand your sleep performance last night, see sleep trends over time and discover how your sleep is related to other key metrics also available in the app (such as your activity levels and heart metrics).

To start with, check out metrics such as your total sleep duration and your sleep efficiency (the percentage of time we spend asleep while in bed).

To display your sleep, simply navigate to the “Me” feed . Here you can see your most recent sleep performances. You can dive-in to discover more details.

Got a great night of sleep after implementing a new protocol? Or have questions on your sleep trends that you’d love to explore? Share with friends through the Vital app and get their input. There’s a whole community out there waiting for you!

Other improvements

  • Cleans images for higher quality resolutions and faster loading times
  • Creates a new view to access active challenges in the feed
  • Fixes the token response when an error is made in the app
  • Displays the time in local time zones to show accurate activity data
  • Creates the ability to add dynamic links to the app
  • Improves the navigation across to app to include a toolbar and top line navigation
  • Improves the ease of signup by automatically filling sync’d fields
  • Creates automated token refreshes to sync data from other wearables
  • Fixes the display of heart rate data to avoid showing null values
  • Creates new running and walking challenges
  • Improves graph library plus other fun backend improvements
  • Creates push notification model to send notifications to user’s devices
Jan 24, 2022

Improved performance

We’ve drastically improved the speed and smoothness of the app. You’ll notice this most when scrolling through the social feed, sharing posts with friends, and reviewing your health data across different time periods. Most notably, users see bottom cards transition with ease and can navigate back and forth to explore both the community feed and find their own personal health data.

For the user, these pages offer a social feed experience combined with the elegance of detailed analytics. We have more ambitious plans for these pages; stay tuned!

Other improvements

  • Fixes resting heart rate sync to take the last recorded value from Apple Health
  • Fixes profile name and surname edit functionality
  • Improves the Golden Test to ensure design consistency across the app
  • Fixes data not showing in the analytics page
  • Improves the appearance of null values for users with no recently recorded data
  • Creates infinite loading on the social feed
  • Connects sleep data with the API
  • Fixes user profile directly updating when edits have been saved
  • Improves the social feed to auto update every 60 seconds
  • Improves the token refresh logic on the backend
Jan 17, 2022


You can now join challenges in Vital! Simply open the app where you’ll see all open challenges being run in the Vital community.

Tap on the challenge to see its goal, expected benefits, rules and timeline, and all the other participants who have entered.

As the challenge commences, see your progress as you trend towards your goal. Leverage the power of community to stay motivated, keep one another accountable, and learn how those around you are doing.

Our first challenges on the app, due to popular demand, include active calories, workout duration, and distance challenges. 5,000 calories in 7 days, do you have what it takes?

We’ll also start allowing you to invite others to join you in our challenges. We hope this helps bring Vital to your community.

Other improvements

  • Fixes user reload issues
  • Creates automated checking of source code for errors
  • Improves the data range formatting shown on activity graphs
  • Creates production environment for next batch of beta users
  • Creates golden test to ensure UI consistency with additional app functionality
  • Improves the keyboard experience when logging into the app
  • Shows users automatically follow the Vital account when an account is created
Jan 10, 2022
Heart vertical


We’re introducing heart data in Vital to give you a detailed lens into some of the most important numbers you should know about your health. Over time, these indicate your overall recovery and readiness scores, as well as alert you to potential health areas to explore.

In your personal dashboard, see the “Heart” section to see key metrics such as your Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Resting Heart Rate (RHR) and latest heart rate readings.

Get to know your heart metrics, alongside other key pillars of your health, all in one place in the Vital app.

Curious as to why your resting heart rate might have increased over the past few weeks? Want to share the effects of meditation and improved sleep on your HRV? Share through the Vital app and get input from the wider community. Tell your story!

Other improvements

  • Adds heart rate API
  • Creates a smoother experience when opening bottom sheets
  • Improves the labelling of activity graphs
  • Improves the image quality of shared posts on the social feed
  • Improves the understandability of error messages for invalid usernames during onboarding
  • Improves syncing to only save valid data
  • Enables a smoother scrolling experience on the social feed
  • Fixes the activity API to adjust for more days
  • Fixes users not be able to follow themselves
  • Fixes only active challenges being viewable
  • Removes unused APIs for cleaning