Changelog New updates and improvements to Vital.

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Feb 21, 2022
"How am I doing right now?"

A single-view of your health

We’re introducing a new single-view dashboard of the primary health and activity metrics you care most about.

Now at any time of the day, you can answer the all-important question, “How am I doing right now?”

This snapshot provides a springboard for you to take action, whether that’s to get out and move a bit more, focus on a protocol to recover or relax, or simply feel more confident that you’re in touch with your mind and body.

These metrics are being pulled from a number of different apps and wearable devices connected to Apple Health, with more sources being added.

The default metrics for users to view relate to sleep, exercise (active calories, exercise minutes, steps) and heart (resting heart rate and HRV) stats.

Stay tuned for more customization coming soon.

Other improvements

  • Shows list of public posts by a user on their profile page
  • Shows a new challenge tab accessible from the bottom footer
  • Creates sync for active energy burned from Apple Health
  • Creates sync for daily steps from Apple Health
  • Updates heart rate sync from Apple Health
  • Changes activity and heart rate data to continuous updates
  • Allows users to directly access the related page a notification describes
  • Fixes overflow issues with comment icon on social feed
  • Improves profile/post loading times
  • Fixes Apple Health data to not send 0 values
  • Fixes vibrations at the bottom of the social feed
  • Fixes lag when opening posts on the social feed