Changelog New updates and improvements to Vital.

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Jul 25, 2022
Find your friends

Access to contacts

Vital is more fun with friends. Now, you can find your friends already on Vital by connecting your contact list. Furthermore, you can also invite friends to join you on Vital to improve your health together.

Enable access to your contacts during the initial onboarding so you can connect with friends and help find people to follow.

Other improvements

  • Adds integration tests for login and automation
  • Improves the formatting for direct comments on the feed
  • Adds the default values for customizing goals in the settings tab
  • Improves the UI of the “follow others” screen during onboarding
  • Adds more interest tags to user profiles
  • Adds latest measurement metrics, timestamps, and sources for metrics in the Health tab
  • Adds a feature toggle to the backend for improved testing
  • Creates new weekly challenges for the community