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Nov 21, 2022
Challenge invite view

Challenge invite view

See what challenges you've been invite to on Vital by checking out the Challenge Tab.

Vital community members are significantly more likely to achieve their challenge goals if they participate alongside friends. We're making it easy to invite and receive invites to challenges to enable shared motivation and accountability.

Check it out today!

Other improvements

  • Adds default images for yoga, swimming, cycling and strength training
  • Adds more gradient colors to fill shareable cards
  • Fixes a bug that caused the app to crash after toggling across different apps
  • Adds a message notifying the user of a challenge invite in the Activity Tab
  • Fixes the time associated with activity rings being shared on the feed
  • Sends a timezone offset on steps and active calories for accurate challenge leaderboards
  • Improves the notification prompt during onboarding
  • Adds a message notifying the user of challenge comments in the Activity Tab
  • Adds more push notification customization options in settings
  • Improves tagging search of users to account for uppercase and lowercase usernames
  • Improves the initial onboarding welcome screen
  • Improves the routing of a challenge comment notification directly to the comment thread
  • Adds forced of steps and calories for Fitbit users to accurate readings
  • Fixes issues calculating the number of comments in a challenge