Changelog New updates and improvements to Vital.

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Jan 17, 2022


You can now join challenges in Vital! Simply open the app where you’ll see all open challenges being run in the Vital community.

Tap on the challenge to see its goal, expected benefits, rules and timeline, and all the other participants who have entered.

As the challenge commences, see your progress as you trend towards your goal. Leverage the power of community to stay motivated, keep one another accountable, and learn how those around you are doing.

Our first challenges on the app, due to popular demand, include active calories, workout duration, and distance challenges. 5,000 calories in 7 days, do you have what it takes?

We’ll also start allowing you to invite others to join you in our challenges. We hope this helps bring Vital to your community.

Other improvements

  • Fixes user reload issues
  • Creates automated checking of source code for errors
  • Improves the data range formatting shown on activity graphs
  • Creates production environment for next batch of beta users
  • Creates golden test to ensure UI consistency with additional app functionality
  • Improves the keyboard experience when logging into the app
  • Shows users automatically follow the Vital account when an account is created