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Feb 14, 2022

Welcoming improved reactions and comments

We’re introducing a well-designed comment and reaction system so you can receive support from peers and help you express yourself with other members of the Vital community.

There are a selection of reactions you can use to support, encourage and motivate your friends, filled with lots of character and personality. Add another dimension to your interactions with friends by sharing words of wisdom or good intentioned banter when they need it most.

As you share your health and fitness story with others, you’ll also be on the receiving end of this positive-sum exchange. See who reacts to your post, get an additional pep-in-your-step to get and maintain your motivation, and return the favor with others.

It’s social fitness made fun.

Other improvements

  • Shows a list of users who have reacted to a post
  • Shows a users complete record of notifications in the activity tab
  • Creates manual refresh swipes on the notification and social feed
  • Creates continuous data streams for sleep data to show real-time graphs
  • Fixes automatic logout issues
  • Updates to latest version of Flutter
  • Fixes text alignment on the social feed
  • Creates a new comment icon to encourage post discussions
  • Improves image quality for higher resolution icons