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May 2, 2022
Create posts

Create a post from anywhere in the app

I want to be able to post photos without requiring data from activities logged in my Health tab from my connected wearables and apps

Now you can create a post from anywhere in the Vital app. Simply select the black ‘+’ icon found on the bottom right of each screen to share what’s on your mind.

To begin with, you can add text, an image or both. You can create posts to pose questions to the Vital community, share progress toward your goals, and shoutout your friends.

There is much more coming when it comes to sharing. Stay tuned!

Other improvements

  • Adds Instabug for users to ask questions and raise issues by shaking their phone
  • Shows more challenges on the challenge page
  • Improves the comparison icons for key metrics to be more visible
  • Shows a limit of 2 lines of a user’s bio on the recommend follow list
  • Improves the profile bio to allow multiline descriptions
  • Shows all text of a bio in the profile settings page
  • Fixes formatting for comparison metrics in the Health tab
  • Improves the speed of transition to view a post from the feed
  • Fixes loading times on the Challenge tab
  • Shows a maximum of 3 metrics when sharing a sleep card to better visibility
  • Adds new monthly and weekly challenges for the month of May