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Apr 18, 2022

Customized posts on Vital

Vital’s activity card customization is fun and seamless to do: add a background image, drag to adjust the color and filter, show and hide what you like.

Previously, this was only available when sharing externally, but now we’ve rolled out this feature to posts on the Vital feed as well.

For example, kick off your day by reviewing your sleep data, and share a custom message with your friends to start the day on the front foot.

You can choose to add a description to share more.

This continues to build the infrastructure for creating a broader range of post types coming soon.

Other improvements

  • Improves the workout graph cards for greater visibility
  • Shows the data source for sleep metrics in the daily log
  • Shows the data source for heart metrics in the daily log
  • Changes the save button to the top header for customizing cards
  • Adds a sync device field for all metrics
  • Adds an infinite load to the Health tab to show all activities over time
  • Improves the Testflight copy for beta users
  • Fixes an issue with image upload for updating a profile picture
  • Improves the back button icon across the app
  • Shows a maximum of 3 metrics when customizing a workout card
  • Adds the ability for users to add their own profile pictures (not just pixelated characters)
  • Improves the formatting of numbers in the thousands in the Health tab
  • Increases the syncing window for sleep metrics for greater accuracy
  • Fixes graphs not showing on the create post flow
  • Adds a grey separator line between posts on the Home feed
  • Fixes an issue with scrolling on new joiners profiles
  • Fixes the formatting of the progress bar on challenge full page views
  • Updates the welcome email sequence to have shorter intervals
  • Improves the quality of challenge images