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May 9, 2022
Daily rings

Daily rings

We introduced rings to help you track and stay accountable to your daily goals. There’s something so powerful about wanting to close each of those rings every single day!

To begin, our rings show your stats across three metrics: sleep, active calories and steps. You’re in complete control over what goals you want to set, or you can take our recommendation to start with.

The fun part is rings are now accessible to everyone, no matter what wearable or app you and your friends use. This makes things like tracking and sharing more accessible to more people.

Vital aims to facilitate positive behavior change to improve everyone’s health - we hope this is another step moving us in this direction.

Other improvements

  • Shows workout data in the Health tab for all data sources on Apple Health
  • Fixes a bug where health summary cards were not updating correctly
  • Improves commenting by allowing users to jump to new lines
  • Improves the copy for new follower notifications
  • Fixes posts loading slowly on profile pages
  • Improves the formatting on the post creation page
  • Shows an in-app form to raise issues and ask questions in the settings page