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Sep 19, 2022

Friend finder

Here at Vital we believe improving your health is more fun when done with others. Now, you can connect with friends and community members who share your interests with our all new end-to-end friend finder.

When first signing up to Vital, you are prompted to share your address book, set up your profile using your Twitter account, and add your interests. All of this information, privately and securely stored, is used to recommend others to follow who are most relevant to you.

This includes friends and Twitter connections already on Vital, as well as others who are interested in the same topics as you. For example, interested in Zone 2 training? Find others also exploring this area, see what they’re up to, and share your health journey together.

Other improvements

  • Fixes page destination for notifications related to challenges
  • Improves the formatting of data sources on the Health tab
  • Adds logs of users who receive nudges in challenges
  • Adds a list of interests of users who are recommended to follow during onboarding
  • Hides null or empty values on sharing cards by default
  • Shows an empty calendar in sleep challenges whose start date is after the current date
  • Adds extreme weekly challenges
  • Fixes duplicate notifications being sent at a time
  • Improves the detection of duplicate workouts across different data sources
  • Completes a clean migration of data for all users connected to Fitbit
  • Fixes the Profile API returning incorrect user interests
  • Removes unwanted characters from phone before saving phone contacts
  • Adds backfilling of data for Fitbit users when the device is integrated
  • Removes summary cards logic that is no longer live
  • Adds a scenario to display reactions when the total is 0
  • Shows the calendar for daily progress in challenges when there are no values