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Aug 22, 2022
Connect to Fitbit

Fitbit integration

We’re introducing a Fitbit integration so you can see your Fitbit data on Vital.

This has been a big request from users, particularly given Fitbit doesn’t have a direct integration with Apple Health, so data streams have historically been siloed.

You can connect your Fitbit account during onboarding or by going to Settings > Devices.

Other improvements

  • Syncs active calorie data from Fitbit
  • Syncs step data from Fitbit
  • Integrates HR data from Fitbit
  • Adds weekly community challenges
  • Syncs weight data from Fitbit
  • Removes created_on timestamps being posts on the FE for comments and posts
  • Improves the formatting for resending SMS messages during the SMS verification flow
  • Fixes the data sharing card flow from not closing when a post has been created
  • Adds Fitbit to the connect devices onboarding screen for users to sync their Fitbit data
  • Adds Fitbit to the settings tab for users