Changelog New updates and improvements to Vital.

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Oct 24, 2022

General improvements

  • Improves the app icons to reflect latest non-pixelated designs
  • Hides the x-axis label showing the distribution of workout minutes in the “Health-wrapped” feature
  • Adds automatic posting of activities on the front-end for user’s opted-in to the feature
  • Fixes a prompt to turn on notifications from being shown from being incorrectly shown
  • Improves the formatting of text inputted when creating a post
  • Moves the close icon to the top right of an image when customising posts for improved ease of use
  • Improves the formatting of the challenge full page view
  • Adds a challenge comment table
  • Adds the challenge target to the summary of a challenge
  • Shows a list of users to tag ordered by users you follow
  • Updates the weekly report email schedule to send on a Monday morning