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Aug 29, 2022
Daily leaderboard

Community leaderboard

We’ve introduced a new leaderboard to the Vital app that shows the top performers across key metrics.

We’ve started with workout minutes, steps, and active calories, and show the highest performers for that day. Those who finish in the top 10 receive badges which are shown on their profiles.

The purpose of the leaderboard is to help community members cheer each other on, get familiar with different folks in the community, and foster an environment of encouragement.

Other improvements

  • Adds and verifies subscriptions for Fitbit integration
  • Adds tables for users to control metric preferences
  • Syncs sleep data from Fitbit
  • Adds timezone offset for workouts from Fitbit for accurate timestamps
  • Creates calculations to show how a new user’s stats compare to the Vital community
  • Improves product analytic tracking during onboarding
  • Fixes lb metrics being shown in kg on the Health tab
  • Adds an explainer when a user visits the Feed for the first time
  • Adds an explainer to the Health tab when a user it for the first time
  • Fixes the flow to open the Canny board where users can log feature requests