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Oct 3, 2022
Multiple reactions

Multiple reactions

We're introducing a new way of reacting to posts to allow the community to communicate in a more fun and meaningful way. Oftentimes, different types of posts warrant different types of responses, and maybe limiting a response to one emoji also isn't enough.

Now, we have a series of one-click emojis to react to, no matter the situation. Your buddy put in a hard workout? 🫡. Learnt something new? 💡. Celebrating the achievement of a goal? 🏆

Whatever it is, you'll find it on Vital.

Other improvements

  • Adds notification setting customisation across different notification types
  • Adds default graphics and gradient images for data sharing customisation
  • Fixes empty data values appearing by default when customising a card
  • Improves product analytics during onboarding
  • Improves the design of the active state for reactions for better visibility
  • Shows the user’s first and last name on profile header page
  • Fixes the feed scrolling unexpectedly when moving to the second page of pagination
  • Adds a default profile picture if the user declines permission to images
  • Introduces a Spotify-wrapped style summary of health data at the end of onboarding
  • Improves data source identification
  • Adds new monthly challenges for cycling and tennis activities
  • Shows HR ranges for sleep cards accounting for no time in bed
  • Updates Fitbit profile’s timezones on a recurring basis
  • Improves the copy for challenge progress notifications
  • Improves the frequency of notifications sent per post
  • Fixes steps not appearing on the activity progress rings