Changelog New updates and improvements to Vital.

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Jun 6, 2022


  • Improves technical elements of the Garmin integration
  • Shows the list of people who reacted to a post even if you are not following them
  • Creates group tables on the backend
  • Adds new challenges for the month of June
  • Fixes a bug that caused a white screen to appear when opening the app
  • Adds more user properties to product analytics
  • Improves how URL links can be opened within the app from posts and comments
  • Improves the sleep sync logic for improved accuracy
  • Adds a device connection screen accessible from the settings tab
  • Improves the labels of exercise and sleep durations for null values
  • Hides the list of users when a user profile is selected from that list
  • Adds network calls and repro logs to Instabug
  • Shows “Lowest HR” during a night’s sleep instead of “Resting HR
  • Improves the smoothness and speed of the pull to refresh