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Aug 1, 2022
Latest measurements

Latest measurements

The health tab is being revamped to provide a better understanding of your most recent data, baseline metrics, and important trends over time.

To begin, we’ve introduced a new view that shows your latest measurements across a selection of metrics. These include HRV, Resting HR, sleep, and weight. The data source and time of measurement show where and when these measurements were recorded.

Expect more views and trends coming soon.

Other improvements

  • Adds matches to other users who share similar interests to you
  • Improves loading times of select metrics
  • Allows more characters to be used for account names
  • Shows the latest weight measurement on the Health tab
  • Improves the Health tab by removing duplicate metrics
  • Allows users to grant access to their contacts for improved friend recommendations
  • Fixes challenge progress notifications to route to the correct challenge page
  • Improves sleep syncing to reduce missed records
  • Improves RHR syncing to reduce missed records