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Aug 8, 2022
My ideas

Your ideas

At Vital, we're always on the lookout to understand what we can do to improve things for you. To make it easier for you to raise your voice, we've added our feature request and public product roadmap to the main app.

Simply select "My ideas" in the Feed and Health tabs to see and vote on feature requests made by the community. Add your own requests if you don't see them there.

You can also stay up-to-date with the status of your requests with email updates. We can't wait to continue co-building the Vital app alongside you.


  • Adds timezone syncing of workouts for global leaderboard calculations
  • Fixes a challenge appearing in the “joined challenges” section after joining it
  • Hides the “who to follow” section on the Feed if there is no one recommended to follow
  • Allows users to add feature requests in-app by selecting the “My Ideas” button in the Feed and Health tabs
  • Fixes certain notification messages not appearing correctly in the Notifications tab
  • Improves weight formatting to show one decimal place
  • Improves the tagging feature to not tag a user if there is text before the “@” symbol
  • Adds golden testing for current challenge widgets
  • Add weight synchronization on the FE
  • Adds FriendFinder queries for Twitter connections and users with mutual interests
  • Adds challenge nudge notifications
  • Fixes workout mapping types across different devices
  • Fixes inaccurate RHR values being shown on the Health tab
  • Fixes aggregate activity data for Garmin and Apple Watch to account for device switching
  • Adds Canny authorization for existing users
  • Adds HRV4Training to smart filtering to show data on the Health tab