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Mar 7, 2022
User profiles

New and improved profiles

We’ve taken user profiles to another level. Now you can learn more about other users on Vital by visiting their profile page and having a browse.

Users can connect their Twitter and Instagram accounts so you can connect across social networks.  You can see what challenges a user is actively participating, and what’s more, decide to tag along and join them in taking on that challenge.

All public posts shared by that user are also accessible on their profile page, so you can learn more about their activity, and see if you can apply any of their protocols to better yourself. Even better, you can connect with them and start up a conversation yourself.

See a users list of people they are following, as well as those who are following them, to get more inspiration of other accounts you would like to connect with as you go on your health optimization journey.

Social health, it’s the Vital way.

Other improvements

  • Improves the challenge view to be full page with the leaderboard easily viewable
  • Shows active and joined challenges in the challenges tab
  • Shows a record of all completed community challenges in the challenges tab
  • Updates the icons and style of the footer
  • Shows the number of notifications outstanding on a given tab
  • Fixes the conditional formatting on the personal health dashboard
  • Changes the social feed to display full width views
  • Fixes a bug which incorrectly showed workouts in the personal dashboard
  • Allows users to navigate back to the parent tab when selecting that icon
  • Changes copy for main titles in the app
  • Improves personal dashboard loading timing
  • Adds comment information to notification records from the backend
  • Adds reaction information to notification records from the backend