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Mar 6, 2023

New sign in flows

Introducing our new Sign Up and Log In Flows. We’ve made it easier than ever to join the Vital community and start your health journey.

Our new Sign Up and Log In flows guide you through the process of access your account, whether signing up for the first time or logging in again. You can sign up using your phone number and SMS authentication.

These new flows are designed to make the sign up and log in experience more intuitive and user-friendly. Join the Vital community and start your health journey today!

Other improvements

  • Allows unlimited scrolling of posts on the profile tab
  • Allows unlimited scrolling of notifications on the activity tab
  • Updates the criteria to create automatic posts to all workouts greater than or equal to 10 minutes
  • Add dynamic links for specific posts
  • Removes a step in the invite to challenge flow that makes it easier for users to access
  • Fixes pull-to-refresh not working on a user's profile
  • Turns on automatic posts by default for each user upon initial sign-up