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Oct 17, 2022

Notification customisation

Vital keeps you up-to-date with friends joining the community, inviting you to challenges, commenting on your posts, and more.

Naturally, not all of the push notifications that are scheduled may be suited to your own specific preferences. As such, we’ve introduced more customisation which allows you to turn on and off notifications for particular actions in the app.

Go to Profile > Settings > Push Notifications to review and adjust your settings.

There's more coming so stay tuned!

Other improvements

  • Improves the HR graph to show data for a given 24-hour period rather than the trailing 24 hours
  • Improves the formatting of workout durations to hours and minutes rather than only minutes
  • Fixes the order of visible reactions only updating when out of the user’s view
  • Fixes the “Health-wrapped” feature not being triggered for existing users
  • Improves the color customization of cards by moving the color adjustments to a slider
  • Fixes user properties accuracy issues
  • Improves the error message when a phone number is added incorrectly with sms verification
  • Improves the list of users suggested to tag in a post or comment to be sorted by those the user is following
  • Fixes the allocation of buckets for the “Health-wrapped” feature
  • Adds a daily rings log in the database