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Feb 7, 2022
Comments on your post

Notifications have arrived

Now, Vital sends you notifications every time someone follows your account, reacts or comments on your post. Feel the positive energy from the Vital community as you share your updates on the social feed. You can expect lots of 🔥’s, insights, and words of encouragement.

You can fine-tune your notification preferences in settings by navigating to your profile. We’re all about fitting things around your preferences, so customize their settings to ensure notifications work for you.

When you do receive a notification, you can jump right into the relevant page on the app, and pick up the thread from there. It’s social made easy.

Other improvements

  • Improves comment inputs for a smoother commenting experience
  • Creates a new sleep graph showing sleep cycle times over certain time periods
  • Shows the comments and details of a post on the social feed
  • Creates the ability to comment on a post
  • Creates secure storage after first unlock to keep users optionally signed in
  • Improves input rules in sign up, sign in and password areas to reduce errors
  • Fixes the pod configuration
  • Fixes Apple provisioning settings
  • Fixes GoogleUtilities Podfile usage