Changelog New updates and improvements to Vital.

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Jan 24, 2022

Improved performance

We’ve drastically improved the speed and smoothness of the app. You’ll notice this most when scrolling through the social feed, sharing posts with friends, and reviewing your health data across different time periods. Most notably, users see bottom cards transition with ease and can navigate back and forth to explore both the community feed and find their own personal health data.

For the user, these pages offer a social feed experience combined with the elegance of detailed analytics. We have more ambitious plans for these pages; stay tuned!

Other improvements

  • Fixes resting heart rate sync to take the last recorded value from Apple Health
  • Fixes profile name and surname edit functionality
  • Improves the Golden Test to ensure design consistency across the app
  • Fixes data not showing in the analytics page
  • Improves the appearance of null values for users with no recently recorded data
  • Creates infinite loading on the social feed
  • Connects sleep data with the API
  • Fixes user profile directly updating when edits have been saved
  • Improves the social feed to auto update every 60 seconds
  • Improves the token refresh logic on the backend