Changelog New updates and improvements to Vital.

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Apr 4, 2022

Recommended friends and challenges

We now make it easier to find your friends on Vital, meaning you can start connecting with them right when you set up your profile.

On top of that, we’re also surfacing challenges on Vital which we think will resonate with your interests and goals.

After connecting your health data and setting up your profile, you’ll be shown suggested friends to connect with and recommended challenges to join. You can select multiple options at a time or simply press “maybe later” to return at a later time.

Other improvements

  • Adds a prompt at the end of onboarding to follow your friends on Vital
  • Adds a prompt at the end of onboarding to join recommended challenges
  • Shows the health tab after an activity card is shared externally
  • Improves the workout graph design aesthetic
  • Improves the labels for custom cards for greater consistency
  • Fixes the syncing of HR graphs in the Health tab
  • Improves the copy on the profile section of onboarding
  • Fixes the user login being remembered over time
  • Fixes a bug which prevented HR ranges being shown for the full period
  • Improves the list of finished challenges to show a max of 3 with an accompanying full page view
  • Fixes the auto-focus for the text input on the username screen during onboarding
  • Fixes the time-period labels for the HR graph in the Health page
  • Fixes cache issues which prevents the red dot notification from disappearing
  • Fixes the recommended challenges to join carousel