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Mar 13, 2023

Reply to comments

Introducing Reply to Comments. Now you can easily engage with others and keep the conversation going on Vital.

This feature allows you to reply to comments on your posts or on other people's posts. You can add your own thoughts, ask questions, or offer support to other users.

To reply to a comment, simply click on the reply button below the comment and type your message. Your reply will automatically tag the other user under the original comment, making it easy for others to follow the conversation.

This feature is a great way to build community and connect with others who share similar health goals. Try it out and see how it can enhance your Vital experience!

Other improvements

  • Fixes an issue where the count of reactions didn't reflect the total number of reactions made
  • Users can now share the posts of other user's on the feed
  • Adds recording the type of Apple Watch device used to sync data
  • Updates the formatting of time on the feed to be more concise
  • Improves automatic posting criteria to reduce the likelihood of duplicates
  • Improves the "In case you missed it" section on the For You feed to only show posts you haven't already viewed
  • Records the user's latest version for more personalised in-app messages