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Nov 28, 2022
Report a post

Reporting feature

As our community grows in size, Vital is taking preemptive measures to promote a positive and healthy environment for our users.

Now, you can report a post for being inappropriate, spam or aggressive language. You can also block a user, or report a user for the same reasons listed above.

Vital has internal tools in place to carefully and promptly monitor these reports.

Our community is growing from strength to strength and we’re excited for you to contribute to that.

Other improvements

  • Allows users to set their activity progress goals during onboarding
  • Adds a invite link for specific App Store users based on geographical location
  • Fixes the start time of workouts for automatic posts accounting for the user’s local timezone
  • Improves the gradient slope of background colours when customising cards
  • Adds a default option to follow all recommended contacts based on your interests
  • Adds a reporting mechanism for posts and profiles
  • Adds streaks calculations for proof-of-workout concept
  • Allows for streaks to be calculated using the previous 30 days of available data
  • Adds records for streaks across steps, sleep, calories and workout minutes
  • Adds a new challenge type for workout habit tracking
  • Allows challenges to be created based on specific workout types
  • Adds SDK for improved tracking