Changelog New updates and improvements to Vital.

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Jan 31, 2022

Introducing sleep

We’re introducing sleep in Vital to give you a better understanding of one of the most crucial aspects of your health (and some say the most important and it’s “not even close”).

At the touch of a button, use the sleep feature in the Vital app to understand your sleep performance last night, see sleep trends over time and discover how your sleep is related to other key metrics also available in the app (such as your activity levels and heart metrics).

To start with, check out metrics such as your total sleep duration and your sleep efficiency (the percentage of time we spend asleep while in bed).

To display your sleep, simply navigate to the “Me” feed . Here you can see your most recent sleep performances. You can dive-in to discover more details.

Got a great night of sleep after implementing a new protocol? Or have questions on your sleep trends that you’d love to explore? Share with friends through the Vital app and get their input. There’s a whole community out there waiting for you!

Other improvements

  • Cleans images for higher quality resolutions and faster loading times
  • Creates a new view to access active challenges in the feed
  • Fixes the token response when an error is made in the app
  • Displays the time in local time zones to show accurate activity data
  • Creates the ability to add dynamic links to the app
  • Improves the navigation across to app to include a toolbar and top line navigation
  • Improves the ease of signup by automatically filling sync’d fields
  • Creates automated token refreshes to sync data from other wearables
  • Fixes the display of heart rate data to avoid showing null values
  • Creates new running and walking challenges
  • Improves graph library plus other fun backend improvements
  • Creates push notification model to send notifications to user’s devices