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Jul 11, 2022
Interests on profile

User interests

Starting today, Vital allows users to select and display their primary health interests.

The main purpose of this feature is to help users connect with other Vital members who share similar interests to them. This means better recommendations on who to follow, leading to more meaningful interactions and connections.

You can select your main interests during the initial onboarding, and these can always be adjusted later on your profile page.

These interests are shown on your profile, meaning others can see what you’re interested in, and vice versa.

In the future, more content and challenges will be recommended based on these interests.

Other improvements

  • Adds the ability to edit your daily activity goal targets in the settings tab
  • Fixes text misalignment when creating a post
  • Changes the copy used for sharing updates
  • Improves the size of the comment input on the Feed by making it smaller
  • Shows only finished challenges the user has participated in the Challenge tab
  • Improves the font formatting for links and mentions
  • Improves the UX for card customization
  • Fixes a formatting issue on the join challenges screen during onboarding
  • Adds interests to onboarding for users to connect with others of similar interests
  • Shows a user’s selected interests on their profile
  • Adds weight metrics from Apple Health
  • Improves the query to see challenges for improved performance
  • Improves the naming conventions for workout types across different devices
  • Allows users to see feeds of users they do not follow