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Oct 10, 2022
Data review

Vital data review

We’re introducing a new feature that shows you an overview of a selection of stats over the past 30 days and how that compares to other members of the Vital community.

Ever wondered if your sleep is below, above or on par with other people similar to you? Now you can. We’re initially rolling out this feature during your initial sign-up. Based on your findings, you can ask other Vital community members for tips on how they’ve improved their metrics, or offer you own experience to others.

This has been a feature requested by lots of you. In the future, we’ll enable data comparisons in the main app, with greater flexibility.

We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Other improvements

  • Fixes duplicate syncs of Apple Health records
  • Adds parent source for sleep data records
  • Adds long press to view users who reacted to a post
  • Fixes notification prompt user flow
  • Adds a view of the full page of a profile from the community leaderboard
  • Improves the formatting of the reactions emoji
  • Updates RHR values when new data is synced from Apple Health
  • Fixes the “Health-Wrapped” formatting on smaller devices
  • Fixes empty data values from appearing on activity cards
  • Adds walking and swimming challenges
  • Adds a field to link posts with activities
  • Improves the buckets to compare workout minutes completed across the community
  • Fixes Fitbit sleep sync error if data is not available
  • Improves challenge nudge push notification messages
  • Fixes error when RHR is missing from Fitbit data sync
  • Adds Amazfit Watch to data syncing on the Health tab
  • Adds Fitbit in smart pulling of HR data