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Feb 28, 2022
Daily health log

Your daily health log

Your daily health log lets you see all your recent activities in one place. It’s a simple and fast way to see how you have most recently been performing across the areas of your health you care most about.

The feed is sorted from newest to oldest and the report is continuously updated each day depending on your activity levels.

A typical use case will be to check your daily report in the morning. Here you will understand your sleep performance for the night before, as well as your latest heart report showing stats like your Resting HR, HRV, and heart rate during the day. If you’ve just crushed a morning workout, your stats will also be on show.

You can see where this data is coming from if you use multiple wearables and apps.

All your data conveniently in one place.

Other improvements

  • Updates nav bar with new icons
  • Shows the challenges a user is currently competing in on their profile page
  • Allows users to share the title of their activity on the social feed
  • Improves the refresh of data on the personal data feed
  • Changes the settings page to be accessed from the user profile page
  • Fixes sync of extended workouts
  • Fixes the sleep calculation from previous nights
  • Fixes infinite load for users with no previous posts
  • Fixes the background color for reactions
  • Improves UI for reacting to posts on the social feed
  • Improves labeling and conditional formatting on summary cards
  • Shows if a user follows you when on their profile page
  • Shows the number of reactions to a post
  • Updates icons for reactions on the social feed
  • Adds Apple Watch filter from data sources
  • Improves the calculation for sleep stats
  • Shows HR ranges for sleep stats
  • Adds parent source to all existing workouts